We got our key today. We were very lucky as first-time buyers to have Gurpreet as a realtor. Professional, patient, honest and respectful. This is how our trust was built. He was there for us all the time, leading through the entire process. Words? Not many, but the actions... I was very impressed. We had all our questions answered, all information provided, all our requests completed. I would highly recommend Gurpreet if you need to buy a house, and will definitely use his services for my future purchases.
Olga Teterskaya
Gurpreet was great. He was very responsive to requests to see houses and we saw a lot in a very short time. He had a good understanding of the market conditions and what the house would probably sell for and he was pretty much dead on. I would use him again.
Ken Schwanke
I am extremely happy with Gurpreet, as he is a man of words. Whatever he says, he honors. He is no doubt a gem of a person. I would highly recommend others to have his services. We are first time home buyers and felt the difference of his extreme quality services remained with us from viewing till handing over the keys.
Muhammad Tariq
I would have given this person many more stars but I do not have that option. He has been showing many houses for the past 20 months extremely courteously and professionally. I think I may have been his longest customer. He appears to be very knowledgeable and provides excellent advice and opinion regarding the various houses we saw. I was never pushed into buying and that was reflected in his everlasting patience. He was very generous and courteous picking me up from my home showing me all the houses and then drop me home. This went on for at least 20 months. It goes without saying I would recommend this man and this man only to everybody. We finally found a home and the entire deal was conducted with highly professional and ethical manner. I must say that I did not know him prior to him showing me the houses. What I don't remember is how we landed up together. I think that was the best thing ever happened to me. I'm very grateful and thankful to Gurpreet that I have this home now.
Dr. Ravinder Naib
It was an excellent experience with Gurpreet. Very knowledgable, 100% genuine, very patient... I always recommend Gurpreet. Thanks, Gurpreet!!!!
Shinto Xavier
Gurpreet really made my home buying experience as easy and stress-free as possible. As a first time home buyer I had a lot of questions and not only did he answer all of them, but he helped me gain insight into the entire home buying process. He showed patience at every one of the countless showings, and whenever I asked him for his opinion, he gave full honestly and showed a high knowledge of investing in a property. At all times his service was quick and efficient, and he had no problem working around my schedule. Although I know he had other clients, his excellent service always made me feel like I was a top priority. I always felt extremely comfortable discussing my thoughts or doubts with him as he provided me with all the knowledge I needed to make the best decision. His unbiased opinion was always clearly based on my best interests and I valued his input. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with his service and highly recommend him.
Melaney Dawn
Gurpreet is a true client representative first and foremost; he has always put his clients' best interests at the forefront of the viewing experience. He is very honest and upfront about properties we have viewed together and whether it would fit my needs or not. His knowledge of form and function helped me in my decision to purchase the house that fulfilled all of my requirements, and then some. Working with him makes the buying experience truly an enjoyable experience. He has helped me with the post-buying experience as well, bridging gaps of understanding between the builder and myself, in terms of our mutual responsibilities, in a respectful and amicable manner. I would highly recommend Gurpreet as a trustworthy realtor.
Dr. Atilano Lacson
We bought our home through Gurpreet. In each stage of the buying process, he helped us to make informed decisions; truly represented us to the builders and did good negotiations. He tried to answer all our questions and even stupid doubts with patience - never even missed a single phone call from us! Very committed, trusted realtor having an excellent understanding of current market trends and in the whole buying process. Gurpreet...Thank you very much for being a trusted partner of us!!
Blesson J Thomas
We purchased our 1st home with Gurpreet just a week ago! we didn't know anything about the process and we had the best experience with him. He was always available for us he explained everything and the knowledge and experience he has was amazing. Apart from his experience, we discovered an excellent person who will help you to find the right house for you, not just the most expensive..he will tell you exactly why a house is good or not for you, it doesn't matter the price (always in your range). I would highly recommend Gurpreet to every person that is in the process of finding a new home. Thanks Gurpreet for all you have done for us!
Jorgelina Gill
I am a first time home buyer and couldn't have asked for a better real estate agent to help me find my perfect home. Gurpreet helped me with my search and saw numerous homes with me and offered his honest opinions throughout. He was so honest, kind and supportive throughout the whole process. I now have lived in my new home for a month and couldn't be happier thanks to Gurpreet for all his help. I can truly say I have made a great new friend and highly recommend using Gurpreet for all your real estate needs!!!!
Alyss Douglas
good service, amiable, helpful with beginners.

Over the course of two years, he helped me find an acceptable condo while steering me away from lemons.

I think he will help you find a place you can live with not live to regret
Bint Gliford
I had a great experience with Gurpreet, even though I didn't buy a house with him. We were very excited with this property and thanks to his advice we didn't buy it.The property has quite a few issues, and his knowledge helped us to make the decision. He didn't care he was losing a sale, he showed us exactly what was wrong. Because of his knowledge and honesty, I will recommend him to anyone. As a matter of fact, my girlfriend's daughter is buying a property from him. He did gain a customer for my future purchases for sure.
Celsa Castro
Gurpreet is a gem amongst realtors. We love our new home and the neighborhood is perfect for us.
Gurpreet was so patient. Our circumstances needed a flexible realtor. Gurpreet never once was annoyed with changes to appointment's that were beyond our control.
Thank you, Gurpreet for your encouragement and guidance in picking our new home.
You were always on time and organized, the details of the sale went seamlessly.
We always felt that you were looking out for us, and had our interests first and foremost.
if you are looking for a professional, knowledgeable, and skilled realtor, Gurpreet is your man.
Carol Ann Beedling
I had a very good experience with your service. I felt understood. I had the impression of being supported by my own family because I was not pushed while looking my perfect house, no pressure, and you always asked me to take my time. It's been a very good experience and I know I have referred you to my friends because I wanted them to feel the same way I did. I'm planning to sell and buy a bigger house in 2 years if God allows me. It's will be my pleasure to work with you again at that point of time.
To conclude, I will say, my friends who bought houses from other people don't have the same experience that we have and they are always surprised when we told them we received a call from you, that you wanted to see if everything were going ok. It's a blessing. We feel like we are part of a family.
Thank you for everything!
Marcelle Milolo
Gurpreet was an excellent representative and realtor. He was patient and always available when I wanted to see a property, day or night. He was quick to point out any shortfalls within a house I viewed which tells me he is more interested in satisfying his client and finding the right house as opposed to closing a quick deal. I would certainly recommend Gurpreet to any prospective buyer. A real gentleman.
Dru Warwick
My family of six moved to Leduc in the summer of 2013 after over a year of waiting to see if my husband would transfer here. I contacted Gurpreet through a website that I found and had him searching for our perfect home for just over a year. He sent me updated listings and waited for my call to say we were on our way! Once we sold our own home, we met with Gurpreet and he showed us many homes over the course of 2 days. On our last day, he took us for lunch and we discussed our next move. We hadn't found a home. Then, a home with exactly what we needed and wanted came on the market. We were the first to see it and we were the first offer! It was so exciting. Gurpreet was happy for us and made us feel that he would go above and beyond expectation to find the perfect home for us. We would highly recommend Gurpreet as your real estate agent.
Lisa Loitz
Gurpreet was absolutely fabulous. He made my first home buying experience a great thing. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Very responsive to what your needs are. goes above and beyond to meet them.
Thank you, Gurpreet for everything.
Judy Singer
Gurpreet was wonderful to work with. He helped me get my new home and made the experience less stressful. I would recommend Gurpreet anytime to all my friends who need an experienced knowledgeable realtor who looks after your best interests!
Marilyn Fay
After changing 2 agents, we came across Gurpreet. Even today we believe that we were fortunate to get him. He is honest, dedicated to his work and sincerely tried to find our dream home. When we reject some home after he shows that to us, Gurpreet never shows any discomfort. His never give up attitude really resolved the problem and finally, we find our dream home. I recommend him as a true, honest and transparent real estate agent to anybody who is searching for his dream home.
Arunava Mitra
Excellent realtor. Provided lots of advice, was always available and helped us find the perfect home.
Don Simpson
in the spring of 2014, we decided it was time to buy a home for our family. we contacted Gurpreet & he started the house hunt for us after discussing the house layout & location we desired. we looked at several homes before he found the house that met all our needs. our deal went rather smoothly with a few hiccups that Gurpreet was quick to settle the issues. We have nothing but great things to say about Gurpreet. He is very professional. he always kept in contact during our search & once our purchase was in progress made sure all conditions were satisfied. I would strongly recommend him to anyone & would definitely use him again
Kelly Calhoun
My fiance and I were in the process of searching for our first home together when we met Gurpreet. His professional manner, knowledge, and expertise of the housing market was very appreciated. Gurpreet went above and beyond and we will definitely request his service in the future and would recommend him to all our family and friends.
Tara Barteski

Gurpreet Ghatehora is a very honest and easy to work with an individual. He is honest with his opinion and does not oversell. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Iresha Peries
Gurpreet is just wonderful! I would highly recommend him to anyone. We didn't know anything about the process and we had the best experience with him. He worked very hard in getting us the best price for our house. He explained everything to us and the knowledge and experience he has was amazing. He will tell you exactly why a house is good or not, and if you can easily sell that house in the future or not that easy. He was very patient and helped us in all aspects. His professional manner, knowledge, and expertise of the housing market was very appreciated. I would highly recommend Gurpreet to every person that is in the process of finding a new home. Thanks Gurpreet for all you have done for us!
Marienor Alejandria
I would like to thank Gurpreet for his help in purchasing or home.
He was very patient and helped us in all aspects of the purchase
we will be telling everyone to use him as their realtor in the future
again thank you Gurpreet we love our new home THX
John & Sandra Pikowsky
John Pikowsky
Gurpreet Ghatehora is an outstanding realtor and person. I met Gurpreet by chance when I requested to see my first property a year and a half ago and little did I know that I was meeting such an exceptional realtor. Gurpreet had shown me over 80 properties during that time. I have just found a property that was the right fit thanks to Gurpreet. He was always available, punctual, well prepared, and gave honest and sincere advice on the features of each condo. He never put his interests ahead of mine. Furthermore, he is trustworthy, thorough and a hard worker. I recommend Gurpreet highly and wish him much success in life and in his business!
Maja Osmanagic
Mr. Gurpreet assisted us in finding our first home and words cannot express how grateful we are for his patience, guidance, and advice.

Mr. Gurpreet was always ready to show us homes we narrowed down and it was a tough battle for us to find the 'perfect' home. However, Mr. Gurpreet was always ready to show us yet another home after home irrespective; and always had a smile - despite all odds. His exceptional qualities made us feel more comfortable and are indeed impressed with all the time devoted to us during our first experience in purchasing our home.

Mr. Gurpreet was extremely prompt and would schedule viewings as soon as possible.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Gurpreet for assisting us in the purchase of our beautiful home and would definitely recommend him to all.
Naina Maru
Gurpreet is an exceptional Real Estate Agent. It took us a year and a half to find the right home and during that time Gurpreet worked with us, showed us over 120 homes, and made himself available every time we found a home we wanted to see. Gurpreet is very personable and offers his genuine opinion when asked. He did not pressure us nor did he ever make us feel like we were wasting his time. Every time we saw a home that did not suit us, he just kept saying that we will know when we find the right home as soon as we walk in the door. He was right. The home he helped us find and negotiate is perfect. We will always appreciate Gurpreet and his wonderful customer service.
Carolina Brose